Project Scope

A major manufacturer and distributor of inks and printing-related products, Toyo Ink is wholly owned by Japanese-based parent company Toyo Ink Group and is a leading supplier of printing and ink products across Australia and New Zealand.





As part of an effort to streamline processes and increase production capacities within its Melbourne manufacturing plant, Toyo Ink enlisted COVA to design and install a jacketed 10,000 litre kettle, which was engineered to improve processing speeds for varnish.

Other services provided included developing a piping system for oil, water, varnish and nitrogen, which implemented heat exchangers and actuated valves.

We also erected three additional storage tanks and built a new oil heating plant, powered by natural gas, which would ensure that the kettles maintained the high temperatures required for optimal performance.

In addition to efficiency, Toyo Ink faced challenges in the areas of re-calibration and measurement, which COVA addressed by developing load cells that could accurately measured the varnish within the three new tanks.

The result of the project was an increase in production of ink products by 50%.