Project Scope

COVA's challenge within the project was to provide modern conveniences within the heritage building without significantly modifying or destroying the existing building fabric.



COVA were engaged to develop a range of building services engineering solutions for Customs House at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Lighting, heating and associated controls were provided from a suspended system below the ceiling to prevent contact with the existing ceiling line, while power and communication services were reticulated below the floor to avoid services at the skirting level.

Due to the extremely sensitive nature of the documents stored within the building, complex but small air conditioning units were designed to enable temperatures to remain within +/- 1 degree celsius, and humidity levels to remain at +/- 5% within specific areas.

For the store of historical documents, the first Tasmanian installation of a desiccant type dehumidifier enabled control of space conditions at 13 degrees celcius and 35% humidity.

The fire detection system was also replaced with a new analogue addressable smoke detection system which could enable each detector to be identified individually at the fire indicator panel. This allowed for rapid response in a fire situation.

A lifting platform was also provided to assist in the transfer of goods between the existing museum and the Customs House. Provision was also made for the installation of a passenger and goods lift in the future through the construction of lift shafts within this phase of the project.