Project Scope

Headquartered in Brisbane, QLD, Queensland Bulk Handling (QBH) provides bulk handling services to the states coal industry. Operating four expansive stockpile areas with a total storage capacity of 397,000 tonnes, QBH partnered with COVA to expand its storage capacity and refine its approach to stockpiling.


2015 - 2017

Queensland Bulk Handling (QBH) were looking for a new stockpiling approach to achieve an expansion of their storage facilities. The turnkey design selected required the design, construction and installation of a highly sophisticated tripper feed conveyor, which could deposit coal into a long-travelling stacker with a dual boom. The stacker then transferred coal to stockpiles on the other side of the machine.

The conveyor incorporated several innovative features such as park towers, an anchorage mechanism for protection from high winds, adjustable deflector shields and an anti-collision detection system. It also boasts a coal stockpiling capacity of 2,750 tonnes an hour.

Services provided by COVA included the provision of all structural, mechanical and electrical design for both the the tripper conveyor and the stacker, procurement and expediting support and commissioning of the project.