Project Scope

COVA provided Nyrstar with a full range of professional services associated with various stages of upgrading and extending their Hobart zinc smelter site.





Historically, the Nyrstar site utilised a combined portable, process and fire fighting reticulated water system on site. As a result of a risk audit undertaken on site, a fire strategy was developed to create a dedicated fire water main system which would feed both a series of hydrants across the site.

Similarly, COVA were involved in the design management of the removal of an existing heat 70 tonne exchange for reuse at another site and involved the use of a dual crane lift in a complex arrangement.

COVA also led the design of cam-locks for zinc block moulds and spearheaded the design of conveyors for the handling of lead residue filter cake and upgrades to safety and access platforms.

Other services provided by COVA included reviews of all walkways at the Hobart site, undertaking contract safety planning procedures, assisting with tendering, contract awards and construction management.