Project Scope

Working in close partnership with architects, TRG and interior designers, Woods Bagot, COVA aimed to create lighting solutions that reflected Myer's new image and enhance the architectural elements in alignment with the traditional department store size to feel like a boutique shopping experience.





Architectural and interior design integration were an influencing factor during the planning stage of the project, as each area exhibited unique requirements, while also requiring their own individual look and feel to ensure a shop in shop feel for the various major areas within the store.

The solution was a highly integrated lighting design using fittings from leading manufacturers from all over the world. COVA worked closely with manufacturers to ensure the fittings used were tailored to meet the needs of the lighting design. This included the use of the same Citizen CRI97 Artist series LED chipset throughout all down lights and spotlights and consistent LED make and model for all linear extrusions. This created a consistent light source throughout the entire store, while enhancing the merchandise through vivid colours.

One key element of the solution was the use of light and dark to create mood lighting. With lower ambient lighting levels than a typical department store, a large amount of spotlights were used to create focal points and draw the eye of the customer. The use of an extensive lighting track system that included suspended, recessed and surface mounted applications meant that the store had complete flexibility with its lighting in the future.

With bespoke fittings through the various departments of the store, COVA were able to achieve a truly boutique feel. With high end finishes throughout, as well as custom designed lighting features, the largest being a suspended escalator void installation, Myer Warringah has now become a world class luxury department store.