COVA Great Southern Christmas – Hobart 2021

Welcome to 2022, now that Australian’s have finished their summer holidays, it’s time to reminisce on the end-of-year celebrations. In late December, we held a two-day Great Southern Christmas event held in Hobart, bringing together all of our Australian staff for the first time……ever!  It was a jam-packed two days with ‘Welcome to Country’ listening […]


Cosgrove High School Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony

In preparation for the Cosgrove High School revitalisation works, the COVA project team were included in an Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony led by Aboriginal Cultural Advisor and local Tasmanian Leroy Hart. The ceremony cleansed the site of bad spirits in preparation for the new works. Leroy also spoke to the team about the culturally and environmentally […]



A United COVA

Together, we are Stronger – Phase 3 of the COVA launch at our Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart offices, focusing on the importance of team work and communication. Congratulations to the winning teams!