Our Vision

Engineering Better Lives

Our purpose at COVA goes beyond engineering - it is centered around "Engineering Better Lives".

We believe that our responsibility extends beyond technical expertise, and we are committed to creating an environment where every person who works at COVA experiences personal growth and leaves a better person than when they started.

Engineering Better Lives is at the heart of everything we do, shaping our actions, and inspiring us to make a meaningful difference beyond the boundaries of engineering. 

  • Founded

    Lincoln Scott purchased Hanson Joseph Patterson (local Tasmanian consulting firm) and traded as Lincoln Scott

  • Changed ownership as Lincoln Scott Tasmania

    Changed to local ownership as Lincoln Scott Tasmania

  • Changed name to EMF Consultants

  • Opened Launceston Office

  • Merged with Stephenson Maunsell & Partners

    Merged with Stephenson Maunsell & Partners in Hobart and changed name to Stephenson EMF Consultants

  • Changed name to SEMF

    Acronym changed to Scientists Engineers Managers Facilitators

  • Opened Sydney Office

  • Merged with Stastra Page ECS and opened Sydney Office

    Merged with Strasta Page Engineering Consulting Services

  • Opened Melbourne Office

  • Merged with Austek Engineering

  • Merged with John Vroland & Associates

  • Merged with Tattersall Engineering Consultants

  • Merged with EAW

    Merged with Earth Air Water Consulting and Monitoring Pty Ltd (EAW)

  • Changed name to COVA

  • Formed COVA Haywards Pty Ltd

    Formed COVA Haywards Pty Ltd in Australia

  • Acquired ACH Management and established Offices across Asia

    Opened offices in Singapore, Bangkok (Thailand) and Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

  • Established office in Auckland (New Zealand)

  • Established office in Taipei City (Taiwan)

  • Established office in Tokyo (Japan)

Our Promise

Experienced, expert and innovative, it’s our ability however, to focus on working alongside our clients with open communication and mutual respect that drives our continued success.

We are problem solvers, constantly striving for the highest value, most elegant solutions to large scale projects.

We all know that all projects are subject to change of direction. It’s how we deal with it collaboratively and honestly that sets us apart.

6 Countries

10 Cities

40+ years


Ben Evans

Managing Director

Allan Waitzer

Director, Chairman | State Leader - Building & Property NSW

John Loke


Ron Vittorio


Corporate Leadership

Doug Hall

Chief Operations Manager

Katherine Parry

Finance Manager

Helen Petkov

People and Culture Manager

Jackelyn Kelly

HSE Manager

Luke Rigden

IMS Manager

Alex Moores

General Counsel

Industrial EPC

Conor Hallahan

General Manager – EPC

Chris Tummon

Project Development Manager - EPC

Will Kerr

Bid Manager - EPC

Chris le Grange

Project Delivery Manager - EPC

Wilhelm Van Rooyen

Engineering Manager - EPC

Building & Property - Australia

Simon Little

General Manager - Building & Property Australia

Allan Waitzer

Director, Chairman | State Leader - Building & Property NSW

Julian Cook

New Business Lead - Building & Property Australia

Gerard Mckone

Senior Design Manager | State Leader — Building & Property VIC

Caleb Cooper

Mechanical Engineer | State Leader — Building & Property TAS

Building & Property - Asia

Kerr Thomson

General Manager - Building & Property Asia

Justin Landis

Senior Project Manager - Building & Property Asia

Leila Rostom

Commercial Manager - Building & Property Asia

Accreditations & Pre-qualifications

 COVA's Quantity Surveying team are RICS Certified.


COVA operates a JAZ-ANZ accredited (3rd party certified) Integrated Management System (IMS) that complies with the following International and Australian standards.

COVA are also pre-qualified with the following Australian Government Schemes:



Honesty and transparency are core to COVA's values, and as such we are proud to publicly present our charters: