COVA Great Southern Christmas – Hobart 2021

Welcome to 2022, now that Australian’s have finished their summer holidays, it’s time to reminisce on the end-of-year celebrations.

In late December, we held a two-day Great Southern Christmas event held in Hobart, bringing together all of our Australian staff for the first time……ever! 

It was a jam-packed two days with ‘Welcome to Country’ listening and learning with bigambul and wakka man AJ King, focus sessions, one-handed bike building with which the 20 bikes were then donated to Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal to bring joy to some Tasmanian children at Christmas, moments spent reflecting on how far we have come & the vision for COVA’s future. 

 It was touch & go given the ongoing battle with travel restrictions, but Tassie opened their borders on the 15th December, just in time for COVA Groups’ arrival on the 17th. Bringing the entire Australian team together was extremely rewarding. You truly cannot underestimate the power of human interaction. We look forward to inviting our Asian staff later this year.

It would have been amazing to have seen the back of COVID after the last couple of years, alas we are facing more uncertainty and what we can only hope is one last big wave before the end in Australia prior to Easter.

Watch the video here