TasRacing Equine Pool Bridge

COVA were requested by TasRacing to assist them to provide a pedestrian bridge arrangement to allow horse trainers at their Brighton Training Facility access across their existing horse exercise swimming pool. The brief was to design a pedestrian bridge to allow trainers to guide the horses in swimming multiple laps around the pool.

COVA prepared several options for the bridge including a counter-weighted swinging bridge, counter-weighted drawbridge, curved retracting bridge, and a split cantilevered fixed bridge. Following consultation with the trainers, the client approved the split cantilevered fixed bridge.

COVA prepared detailed design drawings for the fabrication of the bridge pieces. The design had a number of criteria required to be net including sufficient clearance under the bridge to allow a horse to swim under with sufficient padding to avoid injury, sufficient clearance between the pieces to allow the horse leads to pass through, open mesh flooring so the horse didn’t get spooked swimming beneath the bridge, and ramps either side to allow the training to continue around the pool or lead the horse out of the pool.

The bridge is currently under construction.