Burnie BMEF Shiploader Replacement

We are pleased to announce the execution of our contract between TasRail and COVA Haywards, for the Burnie BMEF Shiploader replacement.

This is a culmination of 375 days of concept designing, tendering, presentations, and negotiations. With a pre-contract cost of almost $1m, the execution of the contract is a significant milestone. The following quote from our Group Managing Director, Ben Evans sums up the sentiment and importance of this project to both COVA and the Tasmanian heavy construction community:

“COVA Haywards are excited to be partnering with TasRail to complete the new BMEF Shiploader Replacement, which will ensure the long-term security of minerals exports for Tasmania. We are also appreciative of the trust by both the Federal Government and TasRail in awarding the contract to a Tasmanian company utilising Tasmanian contractors. This level of trust and support enables all the businesses involved to train more apprentices and trainees and underpins a number of businesses over the life of the project.”

We all look forward to regular updates as the project progresses to completion in June 2023. 

See below media release for further details: https://lnkd.in/gdCcbQ-r