Mill Head Tank – Grange Resources

COVA recently completed the detailed design, preparation of engineering drawings and workshop drawings for a replacement and modification of the existing TA4 mill water tank for Grange Resources at their Savage River mine in Tasmania.

Existing TA4 tank

The water supply for the tank is taken from the nearby Savage River and is pumped approximately 500 metres in elevation to the site of the new and existing tanks. The water is partially treated with small aperture screens (approx. 500 micron) located on top of the tank to take out larger debris and solids. Water from this tank is used in several areas including for the site process water, potable water supply as well as being a backup water supply to the nearby township.

COVA took some previous concept design information and created 3D modelling for use in the structural analysis and design drafting. The new tank is a 11.4m diameter steel tank being fabricated from varying steel thickness between 6mm and 10mm plate and being approximately 15.6m high. The new water supply tank will be the main water storage with the existing tank being used as a back-up tank.